Back to School Rainbows by Brittany Frost - TAT 2-5 Business Days - Order in 1/2 yard increments

Back to School Rainbows by Brittany Frost - TAT 2-5 Business Days - Order in 1/2 yard increments

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Back to School Rainbows by Brittany Frost

Please order by half yard. 

If you need 1 yard, order 2.

2 yards, order 4. 

2-1/2 yards, Order 5

Order as many yards as you need. Minimum 2 (1 yard) please per base. You can print 2 files per yard. Each print is continuous. - Base Fabrics 5/8/2023

Double Brushed Polyester DBP, 200 GSM; 58" wide, 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex 59/60” wide, Maxi dri Moisture Management Wicking; Great for kids clothing, arm sleeves, compression shapewear, cycling wear, headwear, pajamas, leggings, running shorts, top, sports bra, sportswear, yoga wear,

Double Brushed Heavy DPB, 300 GSM Very soft, 58" wide, 88/12 Polyester Spandex with Maxi Dry Moisture Management. Nice 4 way stretch on this! 

Double Brushed Polyester Lite DBP 180 180 gsm95% Polyester, 5% Spandex, 60" print width, Super Soft, UV50+ Sun Protected, Maxidri Moisture Management

Brushed Jersey MADE IN USA! - 210 gsm, circular knit. with a soft brushed feel, bright white background,  92% Polyester, 8% Spandex. Great for active wear, athleisurewear, kids clothing, gaiters, light hoodies, circular knit. 

Stealth, USA Made. 55” wide, 4.1 oz/sq yd. Our Stealth is a premium interlock shirt fabric, which provides great weight and comfort for activewear and athleisure applications. One of our most popular styles, Stealth features advanced moisture management with an engineered 2-way stretch in the width. This American made fabric is 100% polyester - 2 way stretch 

Colorado Lite Jersey - USA Made 60" wide, 4.5 oz, Not your traditional polyester, Colorado Light Polyester Jersey's cotton feel and look combined with the advanced moisture management finish, make it the perfect cross-over and multi-use fabric. While spun polyesters have been used in our industry for years, Colorado Light Polyester Jersey outperforms by addressing the technical hitches of its competitors. Achieved after an arduous engineering process, this groundbreaking textile has a cotton hand and does not have the pilling issues that other spun polyesters do.
Colorado Light Polyester Jersey feels and looks like your favorite cotton t-shirt but also possesses the qualities of the most cutting-edge performance fabrics with its advanced moisture management finish. Additionally, this fabric is one of the first digital fabric to cross-over to the contemporary apparel market. Colorado Light Polyester Jersey is made in the USA using responsibly-sourced, imported yarn.

Boardshorts - POLY WOVEN! Active Twill Stretch with Double Water Resistant -180-190 GSM, 58" wide - great for boardshorts, skirts, lightweight jackets, pants, and aprons. Perfect for window treatments toss pillows table top upholstery and other home decor accents. Create handbags as well.

Poly-Spandex Tricot | four Way Stretch Mid weight, 218 gsm, 61" wide, 82% polyester, 12% spandex;  for using in Swimwear, Active Wear and Sportswear.  Arm sleeves, cycling wear, sports bras, Dance wear, leggings, tights, compression, running shorts and pants. Great 4 way stretch.  

Poly Spandex Shiny 205 gsm, 58" wide, Swimwear, Active Wear, and Sportswear; nice 4 way stretch, shiny finish, 82% Polyester, 18% Spandex

JenniferMADE IN THE USA 55” wide, 261 gsm, 8.4 oz/sq yd. Our Jennifer is one of the finest compression cloths possessing both optimal stretch and recovery. Created with Invista LYCRA®, Jennifer is a technical, full-coverage fabric that features Advance Moisture Management and Wicking finishes. This versatile 4-way stretch fabric is ideal for yoga pants, leggings, performance shorts, compression tops, swimwear, and more.

Jennifer Plus MADE IN THE USA – 261 gsm Brushed on the inside and a little softer than our regular Jennifer, Jennifer Plus is one of the finest compression cloths possessing both optimal stretch and recovery. Created with Invista LYCRA®, Jennifer is a technical, full-coverage fabric that features Advance Moisture Management and Wicking finishes. This versatile 4-way stretch fabric is ideal for yoga pants, leggings, performance shorts, compression tops, and more. Jennifer Plus has a sueded finish, and treated with Antimicrobial,  a versatile set of zinc pyrithione based products tailored for use in a wide array of end-use applications. EPA & BPR Approved.  Bluesign® & Okeo-Tex Certified.

SWIM 87% Polyester, 13% spandex, 61" wide, 269 gsm Tested for Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) under AATCC 183, and gives excellent UV protection, blocking 98% of UVA and UVB rays. Clorine resistant. Washes nice, colors stay bright. 

SWIM2 - Japan Yarn Ultra Touch Tricot UV50 Chlorine Resist, 275 gsm, 60" wide; 70% Poly-30% Spandex

SWIM Lining 100% Polyester - Swimwear Helenca Lining, 98 gsm, 60" wide

Crushed Velvet - oo la la! 254 GSM, 90%Polyester-10%Spandex, Nice shine and flow, great colors! 

1 X 1 Rib Knit High Loft – Made in USA - Our Spun Polyester 1 X 1 Rib Knit High Loft fabric is ideal for manufacturing T-shirts and other related applications where a quality, lightweight fabric with a fine stretch is needed. This material has a high loft for optimal comfort and wear. The spun polyester in this fabric feels like a cotton, and is ideal for the high-end athletic T-shirt and other casual lifestyle wear. 45”  wide

Light T-Shirts, Made in USA, 3.5 oz/lyd, circular knit. Stretchy knit, great for TShirts. 91% polyester, 9% spandex, and is a Disenfectex fabric treated with HeiQ V-BLOCK, a textile treatment that uses a unique combination of silver and vesicle technologies to create a hygienic line of fabrics. Disenfectex fabrics are washable and flame retardant. Circular Knit

Uni – 55” wide, 12.2 oz/linear yard, Knit, Made in USA not fire retardant. Great for athletic apparel, basketball jerseys, vanity face masks, sports uniforms. 100% REPREVE Recycled Polyester and is a high end 3-dimension fabric for all types of uniforms, particularly sports uniforms, because it has been treated with moisture management chemical which allows perspiration to move away from the body, dries quickly, controls odor and promotes comfort. Winner of 2020 SGIA’s product of the year for Media, Knit.

Jump Pin-Dot Mesh Heavy Interlock 60" wide, 240gsm, Maxdri Moisture Management + UPF50+ + Sun Protection, Great for basketball, football, baseball and all sport application. Breathable heavy weight and durable. Makes fun dog bandanas too!

Ribbed Knit 2 x 1 USA Made - Interlock, 51" wide, 5.75 oz, 98/2 Polyester/Spandex, very popular for children’s clothing, loungewear.

Polyester High Loft T-Shirt Fabric, USA Made -55”, 6.0 oz/sq yd, Our Polyester High Loft T-Shirt Fabric is ideal for manufacturing T-shirts and other related applications where a quality, lightweight jersey fabric is needed. This material comes with a wicking finish for performance. The spun polyester in this fabric feels like a cotton, and is ideal for the high-end "beefy" athletic T-shirt.

Microfiber Rib Knit  - Polyester Microfiber Rib Knit fabric is ideal for making soft, smooth athletic tops where a highly breathable, light and soft comfortable weight fabric with a fine stretch is needed. This material has a wicking finish for added comfort. Our microfiber rib knit fabric is an excellent choice for running and for track and field athletics where light comfort supersedes durability. This fabric is great for creating custom looks. 58" wide

Microfiber TShirt - 60" wide, 4.3oz, Our Polyester Microfiber T-Shirt Jersey fabric is ideal for athletic jerseys, T-shirts, and other related applications where a quality, lightweight, comfortable fabric is needed. This material offers excellent UV protection and has a wicking finish for performance aiding in comfort. The microfiber polyester yarn used in this fabric construction has a lightweight, silky feel and is ideal for a soft comfortable active apparel.

Scuba Deluxe – 58” wide, 6.5 oz/sq yd. Our Scuba Deluxe is a unique fashion fabric, which not only has a great look, but also offers superior form fitting qualities for dresses, skirts, and jackets, and more. Our newest generation of scuba has all the wicking and moisture control advantages found in our premium performance apparel fabrics, while providing fashion attributes. Our Scuba Deluxe is a blend of 95/5 polyester spandex fabric.

Silky Chiffon - 55” wide, 1.5 oz./sq. yd., Soft Hand, Our Silky Chiffon possesses a soft and buttery hand that looks and feels like silk. This 100% polyester fabric was designed for digital printing and can achieve almost complete print through. This fabric is an optimal choice for luxurious scarves, apparel drapery, and accessories.

Crepe De Chine - 55” wide, 1.9 oz./sq. yd., 100% Polyester Crepe De Chine. Lightweight and semi-sheer, Crepe de Chine is a favorite choice for women’s apparel, including dresses, blouses and lingerie.

Satin - 55” wide, 2.2 oz./sq. yd., 100% Polyester Satin, Polyester Satin. Smooth and silky, our 100% Polyester Satin fabric is a great choice for jackets, linings and women’s tops.

CHARMEUSE SATIN 58" wide, 90 gsm, Charmeuse Satin fabric is a smooth, lustrous fabric constructed with a satin weave and 100% polyester fibers. Known as “the fabric of the emperors," Charmeuse Satin fabric is luxuriously shiny on the front side, with a matte finish on the back side. A light to medium weight, silky fabric weighing approximately 90 GSM or 4oz per linear yard, Charmeuse Satin fabric is notably soft and gracefully flowy.

Ultra Sheer – 1.6 oz/yd² - great for scarves, or other sheer applications. Fabric becomes transparent. Also good for displays and advertising. 100% polyester. Textured Yarn.

French Terry - 58" wide, 100% polyester, 255gsm, cotton hand feel, great for hoodies, jackets, sweat pants, kids clothines, sportswear. Not much stretch in this FT. 

Heavy French Terry - 58" wide, 255 gsm - Cotton hand feel, great for hoodies, Jackets, Sweat Pants, 100% Polyester, nice stretch on this! 

Sherpa – 260GSM – 60” wide ZIROTEK High Pile Sherpa Fleece Double Sided – Blankets, hoodies, outerwear. 100% Polyester.

Fluffy Flannel (Squish), 60” wide, polyester knit, great for blankets, and anywhere you’d use a fleece material. We also sell this material as finished blankets. 300 g/m², fluffy both sides, just needs to be hemmed. Fluffs more as you wash.

Double Face Fleece, 55” wide, 6.6 oz./sq. yd., Double Face Fleece, 100% Polyester. Our Double Face Fleece is a cozy and versatile fleece that features incredible brushed textures on both sides. This mid-weight 100% polyester fabric is ideal for blankets, pillows, scarves, hats, and apparel. Furthermore, this fabric is a favorite among home-crafters and is often used for children’s apparel, accessories, and projects.

Montana Fleece, MADE IN USA - 55” wide, 10.25 - 10.75 oz./ln. yd., Montana, 100% Polyester Fleece. Advanced Moisture Management Wicking Finish, Made in USA. Our Montana Fleece is a comfortable fleece sweatshirt fabric with a smooth flat jersey face. This technical fleece provides insulation while simultaneously offering breathability due to its advanced moisture management finish. Montana Fleece is great for base layering.

2 Layer Soft Shell, 55” wide, 10.6 oz. 3 Layer Polyester Fleece Soft Shell, DWR Face, Wind/Water Guard Membrane. Jersey Face, Fleece Back. Our 2 Layer Polyester Fleece Soft Shell is a fashion-forward fabric for breathable, comfortable sweatshirts and hoodies.

3 Layer Fleece Soft Shell - 10.6 oz 56" wide, Our 3 Layer Polyester Fleece Soft Shell is a best-selling fabric for lightweight jackets that have the fashion-forward soft shell. This soft shell fabric is great for creating unique looks with dye sublimation, and it is specially constructed with a DWR face and Wind/Water Guard membrane.

Cordura bag fabric - 57" wide; 10.2 oz./sq. yd., 915 x 1220 Denier CORDURA® HP, Water Repellent, Urethane Coating

Polyester Heavy Microsuede - 55” wide, 5.8 oz, peach finish! Our Polyester Heavy Microsuede is a soft sueded fabric with a water repellent finish. This heavy microsuede has a supersmooth surface, a very quiet and soft hand, and is wrinkle-resistant. The comfortability and wind/water resistance of this fabric make it a popular choice for a variety of upscale activewear and apparel uses. Think rain wear, board shorts.

Polyester Linen – 2020 product of the year - 55” wide, optic white base, 8.1 oz/sq yd. Poly Linen is a soft and durable 100% polyester fabric with a true linen look. Designed with low slubs, optimal for digital printing, this fabric innovates the digital home decor market. Poly Linen passes 65,000 cycles on the Wyzenbeek test, making it very durable. This medium weight, linen like fabric, is finished with a Stain and Soil Release, using C6 chemistry, which expands its versatility in the Home Decor environment.

Duck – 60” wide – Also known as 600 denier - 7.1 oz/yd sq, great for banners, cornhole bags, director’s chairs, bags, banners, table covers, retail displays. Our poly duck is 100% polyester and offers a rugged canvas look with tremendous amount of outdoor durability.

Duck - Hybrid 1200 Denier - 460 GSM, 60" wide. Perfect for bags and backpacks. Black Poly interlock backing as a liner. 

Glacier - 55" wide, 15 oz/lin yard - Glacier is a luxurious heavyweight textile that breaks the traditional perception of polyester. This is our go to fabric recommendation for all of your upholstery needs. Glacier passes 100,000 cycles on the Wyzenbeek test, making it extremely durable. Possessing flawless print resolution and color vibrancy, this upholstery weight textile is finished with a Stain and Soil Release, using C6 chemistry, which expands its versatility in the Home Decor environment. This 100% polyester fabric is designed for Dye-Sublimation printing. Glacier has a champagne background color front and back for a warm and rich look. The best applications for this fabric include upholstery, and pillows.

Elements -  60" wide, waterproof, alternative to Sunbrella; use for bags, grill covers, boat upholstery, banners

Flag – Flag material, 3.9oz/yd² - great for feather flags, garden flags, Fire Retardant, warp knit

Windbreaker- 58" wide, 65 gsm, DWR war resistance and water repellant 100% Poly Woven ,PA Coating, strong colors - not recommended for solids


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